“Containers on sea and land„

Accommodation containers

Based on the experience gained through our container sales, servicing and repairs, in the early 2000s Sogeco embarked on a new venture: trading accommodation units. We have developed a wide range of products including flat-packed and lighter structure containers. These units have been engineered by professionals and are now supplied throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and many other demanding markets worldwide.

Yet ,we listen to customers, we share with them our expertise to respond to their requests by adapting our technical specifications if and where needed. Our modern and up-to-date factories allow us to complete the entire manufacturing process in house. In this way, we can reduce the lead time from ordering to delivery and maintain a consistent high level of quality control which is monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

Accomodation Containers

Multi House Container System

Flexible living space for temporary or permanent use. Modules have 20’ dimensions (ext dimensions: 6.05 x 2.43 x 2.79h m); they are joinable without limit to create bigger areas.
Stackable in buildings of up to 3 floors. Modules are delivered in kit form, to be assembled at final site. Typically 4 modules in collapsed form are packed together as a ”bundle” with ISO 20’ size, so that 4 modules can be delivered at the cost of a single 20’ container, with significant saving on transportation expenses. We take care of the delivery to the required destination port!


The landmark/milestone of the modular accommodation industry: flat-packed,modular,versatile, stackable.


The cost effective version of the Multi House module: great value for money.


Accommodation solutions with a look and details closer to traditional housing.

Steel Frames

Ready to be welded steel frames to be completed by the Licensee

Budget Cabin, Speedy Kit & Conversions

Living space solutions in ISO containers.

Budget cabin

The budget cabin is the module specifically designed for customers in need of temporary space at the lowest possibile price.

Speedy Kit

A fast and easy-to-fit way to convert an ISO maritime container into an accommodation unit.


Safe, sturdy, custom made and long lasting accommodation solution with modified containers.
The Factories

Our modern factories allow complete
in-house manufacturing process

ISO 9001 certified production and state-of-the-art machines guarantee a great quality for all of our modules.

Cold Rolling machine

Main structural steel components are bent and perfectly shaped.

Bending Machines

Steel parts are shaped in our versatile bending machines, ensuring high quality and quick execution.

Paint Booth

Our in-house painting system allows faster delivery time.

Welding Workshop

A skilled team of CE certified welders follows every step of the welding process fulfilling the most demanding international standards. Automatic welding machines are used in all focal areas.

Welding Station

Automatic welding machines for key structural components have been recently added to the production line.

Stress Test Machine

This machine carries out stress tests mainly on corner fittings and connection parts between kits.
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With your ideas we will develop winning products for your market. From the steel frame to your ideal accommodation module.






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“Containers on sea and land„

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